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My private clients fall into 3 categories: Senior Plus, Family Yoga, and Personal Development. I can come to your home, or you can come to my home studio in South Knoxville.

Senior Yoga Plus

Senior Yoga Plus clients get personalized yoga, breathing and meditation. Many seniors need a little extra help around the house or just need a meal brought in. I decided to add an option for household services to my sessions, to further assist seniors with whatever they need.

As a certified Yoga Nidra teacher, I’ve noticed how yoga nidra and the practice of understanding ourselves beyond our physical bodies is very comforting to the aging population.


My 90 year old client experienced a total letting go and was infused with a feeling of bliss and calm. He remarked how much the sessions helped him embrace this time of life.

Personal Development

Personal Development Yoga is for the person who wants to start or deepen their home practice. We will use all the parts of yoga: poses, breathing, meditation and philosophy, to create a practice designed to bring health, harmony and balance. Please give me a call to schedule a free consultation.

Family Yoga

Family Yoga sessions are tailored to each family and creates a real bonding experience for everyone. I emphasize calm fun for kids and at the same time stretching and strengthening for adults. We also take a look at physical and stress patterns that family members have in common and take steps to address those patterns.


“Her attentiveness to each student’s position and her special care to work around a particular injury or other physical obstacle they might have is one of the things that makes Jill such a special instructor.  As proof of Jill’s ability to work with all types of students, she instructed three generations of people in my own family — me, my 27 year-old daughter, and my 88 year year-old mother! … Her love of yoga, and the fulfillment it brings to her life has been an inspiration to me as I am certain it will be to al her future students.” - Victoria Koulouris

All classes are In-studio. Classes through The Glowing Body and around Knoxville. 

1:00 - 1:30pm
Breathing & Meditation  Glowing Body


Slow Flow  Glowing Body
1:00 - 1:30pm
Breathing & Meditation  Glowing Body



Yoga for 50 Glowing Body
11:00 - 11:30am
Yoga Nidra  Glowing Body
Moving Ground
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