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Creation and Performance Residency at
The Center for Connection and Collaboration
Thursday - Sunday, July 20-23

Fearless Motion will be creating and performing a new dance installation at the Center for Connection and Collaboration. We are interested in the field that is created between people during an interaction. This field is like a creature of its own. Whether it springs forth from two people sharing tea and conversation or arises grandly between an audience and performers these living things have their influence on our hearts and can give us insights into our life.


The participants can come and go as they like anytime during the event.  The artist and the audience members will co-create  a dance.  Viewers will have a chance to share something about their life, and see it embodied and reflected back to them in an abstract way.  The intent is for the participant to share something they want to process, or share something inside of them that they want to see outside of them.  


Everyone in the room contributes to the field of collective wisdom, and it’s the artist's job to allow that fresh animal to have its effect on the movement.  A sound installation at CCC will be available to both the artist and the audience to play with to enliven and clarify that field.  Sound is a way to have a say in the space that is created between us.  This piece is highly experimental and there will be set opportunities for the audience to share their experience.

We hope you will join us for this
exciting new creation!
Koan Dances

Title: What's Up

Composer: Michael Wilding

This dance was inspired by the Koan "The Great Way is not difficult if you don't pick and choose..."

Discover the full Koan and learn more about Koans at Pacific Zen Institute

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Title: The Blue Dragons' Cave

Music: Nwang Khechog mixed with Santosha Frere.

This dance was inspired by the Koan "How Many times have I gone down into the Blue Dragon's Cave for you..."

Discover the full Koan and learn more about Koans at Pacific Zen Institute

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