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“I found her to be a wonderful teachers, and increased my skill far beyond what I had expected.  I watcher her other individual student I have known for many years, who has a major chronic health problems as well as recent cancer sugury, accompanied by lots of depression and anxiety, begin to move for the first time in years, and as her ability to move increased, her depression adn anxiety lessened.” - Betty Williams

I have known Jill as a yoga teacher and dancer for a few years. Recently, after a yoga/movement class, I shared with her that I have never been able to establish a home practice despite taking yoga classes on and off for 40 years. She said she would be glad to help and it just felt right for the time and the teacher. 


I have been using this virus pandemic to break an alcohol habit and institute a yoga/meditation practice. It has been good timing! Even by Zoom, Jill is available, warm and friendly, and just the teacher I need. Each week she listens to me and we discuss what's working and what can be changed, so that each week I get a new practice schedule that keeps me motivated.


I'm glad I found the right time and teacher to create new habits that have resulted in weight loss, less stress, and even a decrease in thyroid medication. I am building strength and flexibility and move at my own pace with technical and emotional support from a real professional yogi. - Ann Strange

If there is such a thing as a peaceful, serene, supportive yoga class which also busts you butt (in a good way, and with plenty of other options offered) Jill frere is the teacher who can provide it.  She's wonderful. - Carol Shane

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